The stories behind the designs

Posted by Anna Winterton on

After having established Clac Clac Design for 4 years, I have decided I want to share my stories of my, what seems like a 'previous life'. 

I spent 20 years as a Commercial pilot. I chose not to go down the airline path and in doing so have had the privilege of seeing a huge amount of Australia at low-level.

The colours are one thing but the stories, experiences and sometimes not so glamorous positions I have found myself in, have led to a plethora of stories to share.

Hence, I would like to introduce my Story Capsules.

A Story Capsule is launched three times a year with a limited edition of 5 designs per release.

Each story capsule is inspired from one of my many wild stories I have experienced during my time in outback aviation across low-level Australia.

Each story creates a cohesive theme and design style that reflects elements of the story, whether that be the rich colours or something more specific and obscure.

The original stories which inspire each piece create a conduit for conversation and connection. Each with its own visual boldness, will generate talking points while the stories create intrigue in the retelling. I want others to share their story and just maybe my creations with a story will entice connection through talking common talking points.

 The first collection is 'Colours of Broome' -  Released day 17th May 2024.