Clac Clac—confidence, colour, joy and simple, effortless style. 

Clac Clac—the place of artist Anna Winterton’s summer holidays. A place of golden light, warm air, beloved matriarchs and nostalgia.



Former aviation pilot Anna Winterton is the designer, artist and founder of Clac Clac Design. 

Clac Clac Design was born out of an ongoing thread - freedom.

Freedom with a deep but simple sense of contentment.

It began from the place of her childhood summer holidays at Clac Clac, and continued through her flying career when she had the privilege of flying extensively over the Australian outback and coastline. Clay now brings that same happiness and freedom through creating and telling stories using clay as her canvas.

Anna’s designs are led by stories. Stories and an endless spinning colour wheel with the contrasting colours of Australia embedded in her mind.

After 20 years of flying, many of them low-level, nature has shown that strong contrasting colours do go together. Dirty mangrove green next to a swirling blend of white sand and iridescent blue water with a splash of red pindan dirt or pink salt crust - they coexist beautifully.


From a designer’s point of view Polymer Clay has the qualities of being resistant, flexible and lightweight. Most importantly, the pigments are pure and mix like paint allowing Anna to use techniques and vibrant colours to bring her stories to life.

Her designs come together in a blend of bold colour, striking shapes and contemporary design to create original jewellery, statement earrings and decorative pieces that transform and elevate any outfit, mood or space. Each piece is individually rolled, shaped, cut and finished by hand, making them completely unique, bringing a pop of colour and a splash of style to your everyday.


“ I might have a colour. I have an idea. It unfolds as I’m working with the clay but can take on a different direction from the initial idea. When I get to the studio it’ll take on its own life. Stories and memories of travel and colour emerge.” Anna


Anna’s mission is to bring her story to life and into wearable stories. Everyone has a story to tell, this is how she shares hers. Stories of our travels and shared experiences are how we connect. She is passionate to help women wield that strong sense of self, women deserve to be recognised and have the freedom to continue to enjoy life with gusto. 

We’re all in this together!




Anna works from her open studio/retail space within Big Boom Gallery, a vibrant and active contemporary art and design hub linked to Boom Gallery in Geelong, Victoria. Presenting the work of emerging and established artists, designers and makers - Boom is a unique and welcoming space.