Clac Clac Design is all about colour.

Jewellery of simple elegance and informality.

Inspired by the clean lines, pool parties and sleek architecture of Palm Springs.  

Combining bold colour and striking shapes into an original piece of jewellery or statement earring that transforms an outfit. 60s-mod, I love!

My aim is to bring out your own inner rock star! Be confident, cool and happy. Click on some Clac Clacs!

Interesting fact 🌵

Colac Colac (affectionately called Clac Clac) was the place of my childhood summer holidays.

But really why Clac Clac Design you ask? Clac Clac is my favourite place, it reminds me of childhood freedom, our heritage, my grandmother and our family, the place we have holidayed and crafted beautiful memories, it reminds me of golden light, warm air, it reminds me of the place that has my heart, it reminds me of what happy is.

Good old-fashioned fun - just like earrings with a modern edge.

All handmade in my studio,  Boom Makers - Geelong, Australia.                      

Enjoy, Rock Star (in your own way).

Anna x