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Laid back vibes, modern mindset.

Colours of Broome Collection is inspired by the colours, quirks and characters of my time living and swooping low level over the natural beauty of the Kimberley coastline. My ode and celebration of this period and experience.


The collection is an ideal way to take a piece of Broome's beauty everywhere you go - wear a story, a connection and share it.


The first capsule of Anna's Designs in her Story Capsule Ranges - stemming from her time as a pilot.


'Approaching to land on short final Runway 28 at Broome Airport, the colours pass the cockpit window but are soaked into my mind forever'.


  •  the deep red/orange of the unforgettable and unforgivable pindan rich soil
  • the rich dirty green of the mangroves
  • the milky torquoise blues of the Indian Ocean and Roebuck Bay (whoever said Blue and Green should never be seen)
  • the whites of the famous and history filled pearling industry and pristine Cable Beach

These colours are carefully blended to create jewellery that is both elegant, striking and quirky.


Races, pearls and two-up Mismatched Earrings.

Those familiar with the Broome Races will have big memories of fun times in the warmth. Champagne flowing with the flick of a golden two-up coin and inevitably a dropped pearl by the end of the day. This scene is reflected in Anna's Mismatch Broome Earrings - Raw brass gold to give a sparkle, freshwater pearl dropped elegantly from a racecourse shaped and a gold disc to represent the flick of a coin.

Such fun. 



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